You want to make the right choice when choosing your internet access. There are numerous options out there, but not all of them are always available. That’s where we come in! We have relationships with service providers across the nation that help us deliver the Wi-Fi connection that is best for you.

With our wide inventory of wireless routers, hotspots, and USB cards, you can access the internet without being wired to the wall and collaborate with colleagues across the globe. We provide business-class Wi-Fi for your office, trailer, and events; and we have the scalability to suit your changing needs.

Not only do we carry the latest services and equipment, but we are constantly looking for new technologies to improve your day-to-day. If you have any questions about upcoming products, give us a call, and we will get you the answers you are looking for.

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Cradlepoints & Junxions

Wireless routers are a great tool for any project on location. With the ability to turn your standard wireless internet connection into a Wi-Fi access point, this technology has changed location-based projects. Let us know your needs, and we’ll show you how wireless routers can be one of the most valuable tools on your next project.

MiFi Hotspots

Wireless hotspots are another essential. Similar to wireless routers – but smaller and more compact – they are an indispensable product whether you are in the office or on the go.

USB Cards

USB cards provide a single user with wireless internet access. Just plug it into your laptop, and enjoy broadband speeds all around the country.


iPads provide a portable workspace for people on the go. Not only are they ideal for reading and checking email, but their slim design also makes them a cinch to carry around set. If you have your own equipment but no service plan, we offer data plans that will allow one or multiple users on your crew to enjoy their tablets without the hassle of a network contract.

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USB Cards


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